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Grooming dogs regularly helps keep them healthy while looking and feeling their best. It’s also a good opportunity to check your dog for skin conditions that may require veterinary attention. We offer a safe, friendly, hygienic temperature-controlled environment for your furrie friend to receive the best dog grooming treatment in Miami. Our professional dog groomers are committed to providing your best friend with fear-free grooming services in a stress-free environment. That’s why we tailor our dog grooming methods to fit your doggie’s needs and we only use safe and effective quality products along with the newest tools for best results.

Dog Grooming services available

With love and care for every pup


Hair Cut

Keep your dog looking their best with a hair cut by our professionals. You will love your pups new look.


We provide gentle but thorough ear cleaning using veterinary approved medicated ear cleaner and applying lots of praise.


We bath your pet with top quality shampoo and conditioner, then towel dry his/her face, and hand blow dry his/her body.


Matted hair can cause your baby pain, discomfort, and stress. We have the knowledge, skills, and the proper dematting products and tools — not to mention the patience — to remove mats carefully, leaving your pooch feeling great again.


Your dog's teeth need to be cleaned regularly to prevent plaque and tarter build up that can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, painful infections, and more severe problems. We use special quality tools and products when cleaning your furry friend’s canines to kill bacteria and germs, keeping your baby’s teeth strong, healthy, and white.

Anal Glands

When your dog's anal glands are full, you may notice your dog scooting their behind on the carpet or licking the area a lot. Soon liquid will leak out, releasing a fowl stinky odor. Just bring your dog in and we will express their anal glands fast and easily.

Nails (Pawdicure)

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is essential to good health and hygiene. We practice performing pawdicures with the least discomfort as possible so your dog may actually enjoy having his/her nails done with us.

Medicated Tick and Flea Bath

If you noticed your dog scratching a lot lately, he/she may need flea and tick removal. We can help with a medicated tick and flea bath that will leave your dog feeling great and itching less.

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Bark Square is a well-trusted, reliable source for dog care services in Miami. Our staff are gentle and caring experts in dog grooming and will provide your pet with quality care. While we offer full-service dog grooming at affordable prices, we never compromise on the quality of our work or the products we use. Schedule an appointment today, so we can have your dog looking spiffy and smelling terrific.

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With love and care for every pup

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With love and care for every pup